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At the stage of tender inspection - pre-execution stage:


  • Comparative examination of the contractors offers and the examination of whether the contractors fulfilled all the tender conditions.
  • Analyzing the contractors and suppliers offers, preparation of detailed comparative tables of contractor and supplier offers, and indicating deviations from tender conditions, if such exist.
  • Negotiations with contractors or suppliers in order to solve problems (if such problems exist), according to the client’s instructions.
  • Preparation of a budget framework according to the results of the tender. Consultation on signing the agreement and/or agreements with a contractor and/or a supplier, and presenting an estimate of a budget framework accordingly.
  • Examination and approval of contractor and supplier timetable.










During Planning


  • Preparation of the framework of engineering and building plans together with your representative and the architect.
  • Management of coordination and engineering meetings together with your representative.
  • Examination of budget estimates related to the execution of the work, that will be prepared by the architect and the consultants, and a professional opinion of them.
  • Preparation of timetable for all designing stages, monthly update of the timetable.
  • Concentration and the examination of a specified budget estimate according to bill of materials, and preparation of a general budget estimate.
  • Preparation of the timetable for all stages of building execution until its final transfer to the client, as well as monthly updating of the timetable, including a report of exceptions and problems requiring client decision.
  • Deciding together with the client and the consultants about the list of contractors and the method of publishing and participation in the different tenders.




On-site supervision, coordination, execution, and supervision of execution.


  • Professional supervision of the project’s execution on site, according to the plan of: sizes, coordination, materials, execution stages, etc.
  • Supervision to the quality of the materials and products and their accordance to the plans and instructions of the architect, via laboratory tests of each material and product prior to its arrival on site, during execution, after execution.
  • Supervision of the progress of the execution of work conducted including those done in stages, according to the timetable indicated in the agreement.
  • Measurement and approval of the quantities of the work parts conducted in accordance with contractor representatives and registering of deviations measurements.
  • Supervision of the management of a daily work diary, registering everything that occurred in relation to the execution of the project, and signing of contractor/s representative.
  • Conducting coordination meetings with the architect and/or the consultants and contractors in order to inquire and solve all the technical and engineering problems.
  • Coordination regarding changes required by the client with the contractors and/or the architect and/or the consultants throughout working period.
  • Examination and approval of partial and final invoices of the contractors according to the agreements based on measurement and quantity approval.
  • Acceptance of the entire project or a part of it or any subject together with the client, the architect, and the consultants after the completion of the contractor job.
  • Preparation of an acceptance report and registering the corrections, completions, and renovations required by the contractors at the date of their acceptance, supervision over the execution and the final acceptance of the project.

At the stage of execution, coordination of execution, and follow up of execution:


  • Giving a commencement order according to client approval and/or instructions.


  • Reporting of budget framework throughout the entire period of project execution, updating of the budget in case of budget deviations and monthly report and/or according to client demand.


  • Follow-up of execution progress according to the timetable agreed upon by the client and the contractor, and reporting to client, while ensuring strict contractor and supplier adherence to the timetable, in the case of deviations from the agreed upon timetable.


  • Setting coordination meetings, including meetings according to the project manager’s demand, in order to ensure a proper integration of contractors and suppliers within the execution system, both professionally and timetable-wise.


  • A detailed and constant report to the client of the project execution, the progress of the work and timetable, the prices, and the budget framework.




















  • The supervisors will provide the client, on a monthly basis, a full and specified written report of the jobs conducted in the building.
  • The report will include:
  • A detailed report of payments updated to the date of the report.
  • An updated budget estimate for project completion (specified according to professions).
  • Updated timetable.
  • Report regarding exceptions and subjects that require client decision.



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