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David Raz Management Ltd. is one of the most senior and prominent project management companies in the market.

The company provides engineering services for planning coordination, management and supervision of a variety of projects for construction in the business and private sectors in Israel and abroad.



For the end customer, the company manages the planning, the issue of tenders for consultants and contractors, conducts negotiations and the selection of contractors together with the customer, supervises implementation of the project until delivery and accompanies the project until the end of the inspection year (in general one year after delivery). We are responsible for budget management, the quality of the work, and the timetables.


The company was established in 1994, more than 20 years ago. Prior to founding the company, David Raz served as Chief Engineer at another large veteran management firm.


David Raz's management firm numbers 20 employees, including 16 engineers / practical engineers.

In addition to civil engineers, the company also employs systems integration engineers to handle electricity and low voltage, and HVAC, who accompany each project at the critical points of systems integration right from the planning stage, thus ensuring optimized solutions – for maximal monetary savings for the end customer as well as quality control of performance.


The company specializes in three major areas:


Management and supervision of interior fit-out projects: To local and international companies – receipt of shell from property companies and construction of offices for the end customer according to the architectural design, from shell to delivery of keys.


Management and supervision of building construction from the foundations:

offices / hotels / commercial / public / residential structures.

From planning management until delivery of keys.


Management and supervision over establishment of server farm/data center – some 40% of the large server farms/data centers in Israel were established under the management and supervision of David Raz Management.


The company's customers include numerous Israeli and international companies, such as Migdal, Migdal Capital Markets, Ness Technologies, Ofer Group, Phoenix Group, Adgar, Mercantile, Vishay, hp, Broadcom, QLogic, AIG, Radware, Noble Energy, lockheed martin and many, many more.

Raul Wallenberg 6, Tel Aviv   Phone: 03-6480770   fax: 072-2765426   E-mail: simha@david-raz.com

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